A gravity assist is the use of a celestial body’s gravitational field to alter a spacecraft’s speed/path.

In this game, you pilot a spaceship through short bursts of fuel and the gravitational pulls of the planets and moons around you.

Technically, the game is more based on the Oberth effect (powered flybys) than the slingshot effect used for a gravitational assist.


  • [rick bugged me to make a game]
  • [first unity project, figured why not]
  • [interesting learning experience, but code is not great]


  • [the game is really hard]
  • [falls into the trap of me playing it a lot so I’m good and think it’s easier for others]
  • [designing levels is really tough]
  • [difficult to create reproducible paths to determine par]

In the future…

  • [invest in some sort of level design tooling]
  • [visual treatment could be way better]
  • [mobile-friendly design/assets]

Behind the Scenes